🇬🇧 Drupal Starshot - Revolutionizing Access to Drupal

Drupal Starshot - Revolutionizing Access to Drupal

Explore Drupal Starshot, a new initiative aimed at accelerating the adoption of Drupal in businesses with an easy-to-use interface and advanced features.

Drupal Starshot marks a significant advancement in making Drupal accessible for a broader range of users, including site builders, developers, marketing professionals, and editors. This initiative introduces a user-friendly interface from which users can directly install “recipes”, manage SEO metadata, utilize a layout builder, and navigate easily through an improved CKEditor, among other features.

The motive behind this innovation is clear: to keep pace with competitors who are accelerating their own developments. Drupal has always been a pioneer in the no-code/low-code space, and with Starshot, it aims to continue this tradition by pushing the boundaries of what open-source platforms can offer.

The upcoming release of Drupal Starshot in the next eight months promises to integrate these enhancements and more, demonstrating Drupal’s commitment to innovation and its community’s needs. Stay tuned as more details about Starshot continue to emerge, showcasing exciting new possibilities for all users looking to leverage Drupal in their businesses. Here’s an initial demo of Drupal Starshot:

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