🇬🇧 Observations from Drupalcon

Observations from Drupalcon

Exploring the challenges and opportunities for the Drupal community, based on firsthand observations at Drupalcon, including the keynote insights and the current job market scenario.

At this year’s Drupalcon, the keynote delivered by Dries highlighted a critical junction for the Drupal community. The message was clear: it’s a crucial time to attract new members. However, my observations tell a slightly different story. While the conference was filled with enthusiasm, the reality of the job fair painted a concerning picture with fewer than ten companies actively hiring.

Day two at the job fair revealed a stark reality: many companies were collecting resumes for future opportunities rather than for immediate positions. This scenario, coupled with discussions about recent layoffs, raises questions about the current stability within the Drupal ecosystem.

Comparing CMS Platforms

Drupal remains a robust solution for complex data workflows and integrations that significantly impact business goals. However, the ease of use in competitors like WordPress, along with the availability of low-code/no-code options like Notion and HubSpot, suggests that our community needs to reassess how we pitch Drupal to potential users.

Listening to Client Needs

The core of our problem may lie in our approach. Often, we tend to recommend solutions that we are most familiar with, rather than truly listening to what our clients need. A shift towards understanding and addressing actual client requirements could transform how we leverage Drupal to meet more specialized demands.

Looking Ahead: Adaptation and Growth

As a senior backend developer and a proactive member of the Drupal community, I believe it’s time to broaden our perspectives. Exploring other technologies and being honest about the most suitable solutions for our clients will not only enhance our credibility but also ensure that we are genuinely helping them achieve their business objectives.


Drupal is at a crossroads, facing both significant challenges and potential opportunities. By embracing a more client-focused approach and being open to other technologies, we can navigate through these turbulent times and position Drupal as a relevant and powerful tool in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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