🇬🇧 Jekyll Journeys: How I Built eduardotelaya.com with Markdown and Theme Magic

Jekyll Journeys: How I Built eduardotelaya.com with Markdown and Theme Magic

Dive into the adventure of transforming text into a powerful website using Jekyll and the Hydejack theme. A tale of creativity and efficiency in web development.

Captivating Introduction:

Welcome, everyone! Today, we’re diving into a story about transforming simple text into a powerful website with Jekyll. I’ll take you through my adventure with eduardotelaya.com, where I used Markdown and a magical theme named Hydejack to build a blog that speaks. Whether you’re new or seasoned in web development, you’ll find something to spark your creativity and efficiency.


Before we start, it’ll help if you know some basics of web development and Markdown. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert; curiosity is your best tool here.


  1. Why Jekyll?
    • Quick intro to Jekyll and its benefits.
  2. First Steps
    • Setting up Jekyll and picking Hydejack.
  3. My Story with eduardotelaya.com
    • How I built my site, focusing on the setup and theme customization.
  4. Tips for Efficient Development
    • A peek into using cron jobs, bash scripts for image optimization, and Markdown for easy content creation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover Jekyll: Understand how Jekyll can make web development simple and fun.
  • Quick Setup: Learn to set up a site with Jekyll and choose a theme like Hydejack.
  • Efficient Tools: Get tips on automating your workflow and using Markdown for content.
  • Inspiration: Start planning your own site with confidence and creativity.

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